Felix Lossio

23/08/2017 8:00pm Bisagra

Artistic Capitalism: aesthetics, metrics and reputation

Which imperatives and narratives are activated by contemporary art and capitalism and, particularly, by their inescapable links? Which is the role of branding, advertisement and social networks? What does this tell about the cultural cartographies of our times?

Using examples taken from TV shows, commercial galleries, artistic exhibitions, social network algorithms and marketing strategies, and by referring to literature on neoliberalism (Michael Feher 2013), branding (Alice Marwick 2013), aesthetics (Gilles Lipovetsky and Jean Serroy 2013) and creative industries (Angela McRobbie 2016); my intention is to answer these questions in a yet exploratory mode. To do so, I will describe what I understand as five key imperatives of contemporary subjectivity and social bonds. The first one is the aesthetization of life and the urgency to create myths of seduction. The second refers to the notions of innovation, creativity and uniqueness. The third one regards visibility and reputation. The fourth one deals with administration, management and metrics. The fifth one will be commented in the panel.

From the connection of these imperatives, this talk aims to discuss the links among art, capitalism and everyday life.

Felix Lossio. Researcher and consultant in cultural and creative industries. Lecturer at the Masters in Cultural Studies and at the Department of Sociology at Pontificia Universidad Católica el Perú. Masters in Culture and Society by The London School of Economics and Political Science. PhD candidate at Newcastle University. Former Director of Cultural industries and Arts at The Ministry of Culture in Perú.

The talk will last 50 minutes.